From The Paper Planner Dude to Kevin A Creates

From The Paper Planner Dude to Kevin A Creates

The past year and a half have been quite the learning experience to say the least.  I never imagined opening a shop at the rate that I did, let alone create a brand for myself. I opened The Paper Planner Dude with the intentions of designing planner stickers and selling them. However, over time I have noticed a shift within my content and most importantly, within myself.

Yes, I have changed a lot since becoming the Paper Planner Dude. I felt stuck, trapped, and unmotivated with designing new planner stickers. I was in a funk and I didn't know why.

I then figured out! I wanted to do more. I found a new passion, or at least one that I had tucked away because of my tunnel vision. The brand I created only allowed me to post content related to planners. I mean I could have posted whatever I wanted since it was my own business that I was running solo. But it wouldn't work because it just didn't fit.

I took a few weeks off to reflect on my next step. I wanted to do something different. Something that would open many doors for me. Something that would allow me to post and sell more than just planner stickers.

That is where the rebranding comes in. I decided to rebrand my entire business that would allow me to be more free and more open to opportunities. It's a scary thought to start over but it's something that I feel is the right move.

I am more than just a planner. I am a creator, designer, crafter, and illustrator! This is a new chapter in my life and a new era. I hope that you enjoy this journey with me and continue to support my dreams.

This is a new era of creations. I new era of magic.

Let's a create this journey together.

Let's see with Kevin A Creates...


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